About Deep Green Lodge Newquay B&B accommodation

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Lou and Mike are running Deep Green Lodge Newquay B&B accommodation as an eco friendly bed and breakfast. Our Gas and Electricity are supplied by Ecotricity. We have a recycling policy. Anything that can be recycled will be. All rooms are cleaned using biodegradable products.

All paper used in Deep Green Lodge is 100% recycled or natural, free from the use of harmful chemicals. All rooms in the B&B have been decorated using eco friendly paints,  free from harmful chemicals.

Deep Green Lodge is a relatively new establishment in Newquay, We are aware that there is much which can be done to improve on what we are trying to achieve as an eco friendly bed & breakfast. But we do believe that we can make a small difference to our environment.

Mike and lou have done some travelling and we think this reflects on the decor of deep green lodge with a mix of Indian, Asian and African influences. Mike has been a keen surfer for many years so obviously there are surfing influences to be seen.

we do hope you get the feeling of peace, tranquillity and homeliness that both Mike and lou have tried to achieve with Deep Green Lodge Newquay B&B accommodation.